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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 2 on the Atkins Diet

I'm down 3 pounds today from yesterday! I'm sure it's water weight but you have to start somewhere, right? I'm still feeling highly motivated. Hopefully I can stay motivated through the weekend!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 1 of a Diet

 I'm going to a wedding at the end of October and I want to lose some weight for it. I'm not in the wedding but I still want to look nice. I usually perform well under pressure so we'll see if dieting works the same way for me.

Looking through different diets, I decided that my best bet to drop a few quick pounds is to go on the Atkins Diet, phase 1. I've tried this diet in the past and have never made it longer than a few days. People seem to lose crazy amounts of weight on this diet so we'll see what happens. My hope is that I can stick it out since my goal right now is over a short span of time. I'm going to report my food intake and exercise here so you guys can scold me if I fall off the wagon.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Ready for Fall

Now that the Summer of Jenny has successfully ended, it is time to look toward fall. Of course, the great part of summer is that I don't work but that doesn't mean that autumn can't be just as enjoyable. Here are a few things I'm looking forward to this fall:

1. Halloween. I love Halloween. I love dressing up, the scary movies, and giving candy out. I also throw a Halloween party every year and it's a lot of fun to plan every thing.

2. Pumpkin Patches. I'm ashamed to admit that I haven't visited a pumpkin patch in a few year. Shameful, I know. This year, I'm going to a pumpkin patch for sure and I can't wait.

3. Apple Cider. I bought my first half gallon of the season today and I can't wait to have some. Apple cider is only around this time of year so get it while it's still out!

4. Long sleeve t-shirts. These light weight shirts are the best and I can't wait to get them out again.

5. Warm foods. I love to cook but when it's hot the last thing I want to do is heat my house up. It's nice to be able to indulge in hot soups.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gotta Get Away

I've been itching to get out of Dodge. It's been a few years since I've taken a proper trip and I think it's wearing on me. I've even been dreaming about leaving town. Just last night I dreamed I was in Las Vegas. The night before that I was traveling with Nikki Sixx. Don't ask. I have no idea where these dreams come from. So what's keeping me in Dodge?


There seems to be an outbreak of bedbugs and this is keeping me out of hotels. Nice hotels, bad hotels and all in between are getting begbugs and I want no part of this.

Any suggestions on where I can go and not run the risk of bedbugs?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wet N Wild iSparkle Eye Shadow Review

The Product: Wet N Wild iSparkle in Star Clusters. These shades are a shimmery light gold, a bronze, a deep brown, and a pale blue. The palette slides out to reveal a handy mirror and it comes with two eye shadow brushes. My picture only shows one of the brushes because the minute I opened the package in the bathroom, I accidentally dropped one of the brushes in the trash can. What can I say? I'm a klutz.

You guys might not know this but I can be a make-up snob but I happened to have coupons for Wet N Wild and Giant Eagle was having a sale so why not give it a try?

The Review: I put these shadows on and was surprised to find that they are well pigmented. The blue shade was not as well pigmented but to be honest, I didn't know where to put this shade so it could be user error. It kind of blended in to the bronze and got overpowered. Overall these shades looked nice with my dark eyes.

I wore these eye shadows to the grocery store and sweated pretty much all day. I did not wear any primers to help the shadow last because I wanted to see how the Wet N Wild held up alone. By bed time, the shadows had faded some but they were still mostly intact.

You can see she shades on my eyes. The shimmer is there but it is not excessive. You could wear these colors to work and not look like you should be at a rave.


The Bottom Line: Wet N Wild is inexpensive and has been around for ages. I remembered buying this brand when I was a teenager and not being happy with the results. Wet N Wild has come a long way. I did not expect to find strong pigments and lasting eye shadows. I'm impressed. You should also check their website out. I looked at it for this review and it's a nice site.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Things I'm Enjoying

I've been a lazy blogger so I thought I'd give you all a little update on the things I've been enjoying lately.

1. All things automatic. Thanks to some awesome couponing tips from this lady I acquired THREE of those nifty motion activated air fresheners by Glade and an automatic soap pump for practically nothing. The soap pump, made by Dial, is especially nice. I feel a little cleaner and it dispenses the right about of soap. Nothing goes to waste but you get enough soap to feel like it's getting the job done.

2. Netflix. Oh, boy. Brian has a far better entry up on our recent love affair with Netflix. Netflix is pretty awesome. I've watched classic movies, documentaries, Season 3 of Heroes (you all know how much I love Sylar), and lots of other things. We have gotten a few DVDs in the mail but we mostly stream through the XBox. The mailed DVDs are easy to receive and return and they arrive super fast. Netflix's website is easy to use and if you stream, the wait time between requesting the program and it starting is next to nothing. I am impressed.

3. Nutella. I used to laugh at people who eat Nutella. Who puts chocolate on bread aside from the Von Trapp kids? I decided to try some and wow. This stuff is seriously yummy. It tastes light and sweet but not too sweet. In fact, since I started eating Nutella I've noticed my sweet tooth has diminished some. I dig this stuff so much I entered a contest to win a year's supply. The last time I won any thing it was a year's supply of Juicy Fruit so I figured maybe that's how my luck works.

4. Farmer's markets. Today was the final day for my local farmer's market so I definitely paid it a visit. I bought some beautiful peppers and a head of lettuce that was fresh, locally grown, and inexpensive. Over the summer, I have tried to do more to support local commerce and farmer's markets are a great way to do this. I can't wait until they come back next year. In fact, I plan on renting space to sell my cupcakes next year!

5. Morrison Hotel. I've been a huge fan of The Doors for many years but Morrison Hotel has never been a favorite until recently. I put it in a few weekends ago and I couldn't figure out why I have not liked it. It's a fabulous record and I'm glad I warmed up to it---20 years later.