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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bath and Body Works My Nerves

I went to Bath & Body Works this afternoon armed with a coupon good for a free item when I spend $10 or more. Since I was fresh out of Wallflowers, I went in knowing exactly what I wanted.

The moment I walked in I was greeted by a very friendly sales associate who asked me if I was looking for anything in particular. I told her what I was there for and she directed me to the right place. About 30 seconds later, as I was looking for my Wallflower scent of choice another sales gal asked me if I was looking for anything in particular. I told her I found it, thanks. I had to do this routine the entire 45 minutes I was in the store. I was offered help SIX TIMES by the same 2 sales associates.

Everyone who helped me were all very friendly and nice. I know they are just doing their jobs but I think that offering someone assistance once or twice is plenty! At one point, a sales rep actually interrupted me from something I was looking to buy to show me another item, which I had no intention of buying. I ended up not buying either item and I just left as soon as I could get away from the over zealous sales people.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

My quest to get into shape

Last September I made a pact with myself: if it all turned out well with my surgery, I would do more to stay in shape. My tumor had nothing to do with being in or out of shape but it made me aware of the fact that staying in good shape will prevent --or at least reduce ---hospital visits that can be avoided by being healthy.

In November my hemovac drain was removed and since then I have been left with a loss of feeling in parts of my thigh. Now that some of that feeling is returning, it is time to make good on the promise I made to myself.

I saw at that Heather’s Team is being formed in honor of Heather Pick , who lost her battle with breast cancer in 2008, at this year’s Race for the Cure. Heather was Brian’s co-worker and friend. I decided that this would be a nice way to contribute to a good cause, honor a special person, and get myself into shape. Given that this 5K race is in May, it is time to start working.

My first step was to buy running shoes. I went to Front Runner and a sale’s person helped me tremendously. He looked at the tread of my old tennis shoes and watched me walk to figure out the best shoe for me. Not only have I been wearing the wrong size but I wasn’t even wearing the proper arch support.

The sales person brought a selection of four shoes. I walked and ran in the parking lot, no doubt looking like a nut with two different shoes on my feet! I decided on the Asics Fortitude. Just running in the parking lot, I could tell a difference. I had more stamina and less pain. Best of all, the discomfort I’ve been experiencing at my surgical site when I run was greatly reduced.

This week I will begin my running schedule. I’m excited to wear my new shoes! I hope some of you reading this will join me at Race for the Cure.

Friday, March 6, 2009

School Dream

On my myspace page I often post the dreams I have, especially if they involve people I know in real life. Here is a dream I had on 3/4 that involved a few friends. Look for my crazy dream blogs here now and then.

Begin dream: I was in a high school algebra class. My principal (my boss) was teaching it. A bunch of people from high school were in this class but I specifically remember Aaron and Matt being there. Everyone in the class were adults. We were all taking notes. I was panicking because I could not remember some of this math and I did not want my principal to know. Then Aaron's older brother walked past the window and pointed and laughed at us.