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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Big Brother Needs To Go Blind

Lincoln University, a college in Pennsylvania, has recently come under fire for requiring obese students to take a fitness class in order to graduate. Lincoln University caved on this requirement but still I have to shake my head in wonder at what we have become.

You know the story on obesity. It kills people, causes cancer, heart disease and a whole variety of other problems. At what point though did colleges decide that it was their business to stick their paying students on a scale and measure their body fat? Of course, requiring this class would have given Lincoln University more money. I assume the class was not free of charge.

This class was destined to fail and Lincoln University just comes off like money grubbers. Students would not get anything out of this class to begin with because their approach to it is negative. No one wants to be told "you're fat and you have to spend money on this class that tells you you're fat or else you won't graduate." Most people who are obese already know that they are obese.

A better approach to obesity is to offer incentives. Why not offer rewards and prizes to students who enroll in an optional fitness program through the school's health center? Have a walking club or a Wii Sports/Fit night. Give away prizes to the people to lose the most or walk the farthest.

Whatever happens, let's keep Big Brother under wraps a little better than we are right now. It's just a matter of time before he gets to your flaw or vice.