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Friday, February 25, 2011

Bring it back! Discontinued foods that need to come back

Close your eyes and get ready to salivate with me because here is a list of foods and drinks I miss. Do you remember any of these?

New York Seltzer Water

I was drinking bottled water before it was cool. I remember these from the 80s when I was a kid. The lemon-lime variety was my favorite. They came in little glass bottles and the label was fun to peel off. I think they are still around in some places and if they ever come back to my grocery stores I will be in heaven.

Wendy's Pitas

Oh, that Wendy is a tricky one. She lured me to the Student Union every day at lunch for a Greek Pita then took them away from me. Wendy's had a few assorted pitas and they were all delicious. The pita bread was always thick and warm, the lettuce fresh. I remember making a mess with these. Lettuce all over the place but it was worth it. Can I start a petition for Wendy's to bring these back?


This restaurant is still around in Minnesota, which does me no good. I remember going there with my mom and dad way back when. Taco Bell replaced them in my town and Mexican food just hasn't been the same since. Zantigo had a special taste that I just haven't been able to find any place else. If I'm ever in Minnesota, this is my first stop! I can't even go to their website; it hurts too much.

Cafeteria Cookies

Only my high school friends will know what I'm talking about. The lovely lunch ladies at my old high school (Go Bobcats!) liked the food quick and greasy and so did I. The cookies were big and soft. In fact, I don't think they were cooked all the way but who doesn't like cookie dough. When I substituted at my high school several years ago I made sure to buy one of these before I left for the day.

Nestle Crunch Bars-White Chocolate!

Are you guys noticing a theme? I seem to really miss junk food. I haven't had one of these since I was a kid and I'm not sure when they went away but they were so good. It was a Nestle Crunch bar in white chocolate form. Everything is better when it's white chocolate.

Your turn! What tasty food and drinks do you wish they'd bring back?